Your Mother’s Day Destination

Story and photos by Nancy Ellis                                                   
Apple Blossom Flowers/

Apple Blossom Flowers

Mothers have a special place in our hearts.

Many people like to surprise their MOMS in the month of May with flowers, goodies or a trip together to remember. Why not take the time to come with MOM to visit Clarington?

For a memorable day activity with MOM head to The Clarke Museum

             A woman’s diary is a coveted item especially for mothers and daughters. It’s a tradition that speaks to all generations. Why not take MOM to the new exhibit at the Clarke Museum, part of the Clarington Museums and Archives in Kirby. They have not one but five diaries represented in conjunction with the Archives of Ontario in their new exhibit, 5 Women and Their Diaries. It focuses on the diaries of five women from the mid to late eighteen hundreds, born and raised in Ontario. The exhibit explores topics such as farming and food, living in the community and going places. Exhibit curator Ann-Marie Strocel added artifacts from the museum’s collection, including a diary of a woman who grew up in the Bowmanville Museum house; Mildred Jury. Learn about writing in the 1900s, tools of the trade and discover why diaries are important. The exhibit is on display now until June 21 and is open to the public every Thursday and Saturday, from 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. See their website for more information.

 Take MOM for lunch in the village of Orono,
approximately a 5-minute drive 
south from The Clarke Museum

            The Village Bake Shop is a great spot for lunch and a treat. There is an upstairs gallery/sitting area to enjoy sandwiches and desserts. Shop for kitchen accessories, tea sets and genuine items from Holland. Take MOM across the street to Apple Blossom Flowers and spoil her with a luxurious bouquet of flowers. And then take her to Terrens Wellness Centre for gemstone jewelry or a unique gift. Not only does Orono have a gorgeous array of antique and nostalgia shops along Main Street that MOM would probably love – it’s also home to the Orono Park, soon to be 90 years old – which is a nice place for a Mother’s Day picnic or an outdoor walk.

See some inspiring photos below! 

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4 thoughts on “Your Mother’s Day Destination

  1. What a great event to see at the Clark. I’m going. Would love to take me Mom, but she is gone. I miss her on Mothers day and my Bithday.

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