The ‘Human’ Ecology of a Community Garden

Story and photos by Clarington Tourism

If the study of human groups in relation to their physical and social environment is called ‘human ecology’, than The Bowmanville Community Garden at 181 Liberty St. S. is a perfect research subject!

Formally known as The Ecology Garden (est. 1989) this original garden required a new home last year. Through the effort of volunteers from Durham Organic Gardeners (a chapter of The Canadian Organic Growers) the garden was migrated three kilometres to the south, right to our backyard. This new location co-exists with the Tourism Information Centre. The property has now been expanded to include an organic community food garden. This all took root from the creative efforts of the Durham Organic Gardeners and made possible with land allotted by the Municipality of Clarington.

To prepare the land in time to host organic gardening enthusiasts for the 2013 spring planting season, it required a measure of true grit! We watched from our window as they came to clear the rocks, stake the fence and till the ground. Then there was the arrival of soil, Miller Compost and volunteers with tools and trucks before the first seedlings arrived on site! Dedicated members have diligently dug in, and transformed our backyard into something wonderful!

It is designed to be gardened collectively by interested residents. Gardeners can tend to their own plots on their own schedule. If you’re interested in learning more about the gardens or checking on the availability of a plot, contact Vincent Powers – (905-263-2944).

We are excited to watch this garden grow, but mostly we are impressed with the ‘human ecology’ of observing people come together for the experience, education and enjoyment of healthy community living.

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