This March BREAK in Clarington

We’ve made it to March without breaking

At the beginning of the month of February, the groundhog warned us there would be  ‘six more weeks of winter’. HA!

We endured the polar-like temperatures. We dug in deeper (about six feet!). The groundhog may have had the timing right, but he failed to communicate the level of severity.

With the help of the Sochi Olympics, we overcame February, and the month transitioned into ‘GOLDen’ moments of celebration!  We shouted “#WeAreWinter !” We claimed victory over [and on] the ice! We triumphed over the snow! We reside with the groundhog!
Now, February  2014 is [finally] over!

Following in folklore predications, March has ‘come in like a lion’, and should [will!] ‘go out like a lamb’.  The school holiday is officially upon us and kids are ready to ROAR  with energy!
Shake off winter, put down the shovel, and enjoy a WELL deserved March Break!

Click on the image below for great ideas to
EXPLORE, LEARN and SHARE in Clarington!

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 12.15.38 PM


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