Clarington’s Outdoor Patio’s

For the eager Clarington explorer, summer boasts the best time of year for finding the best hidden treasures around our community. Whether it’s picking up some fresh and local produce at your favourite market, exploring the more hidden areas of the lakefront or hiking trails, or even attending some outdoor festivals, summer is without a doubt the busiest season for Clarington.

That being said, summer just wouldn’t be summer without the enjoyment of eating with friends on a local patio. There isn’t anything quite like the summer sun shining down as you enjoy some of the flavours of your favourite local fare.Tetra-54

Lucky for you, Clarington is home to many great patio’s to try out this summer. Here are just a few to try out next time you’re making dinner plans:

Shoeless Joe’s – Courtice

The Courtyard – Courtice

Stuttering John’s Smokehouse – Courtice

Boston Pizza – Bowmanville

Kelsey’s – Bowmanville

East Side Mario’s – Bowmanville

The Village Inn – Bowmanville

Maddy’s Pub – Bowmanville

Wild Wing – Bowmanville

The King’s Key – Bowmanville

Frosty John’s – Bowmanville

That’s My Spot – Bowmanville

Tetra Kitchen & Vines – Bowmanville

Bobby C’s Dockside – Bowmanville

The Old Newcastle House Taps & Grill – Newcastle

The Brig Restaurant – Port of Newcastle

These are only some of the wonderful places to eat in Clarington. To find some more, download our free mobile app:


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