Taking A Bite Out of: Outstanding In Our Field – Fireside Chat

Bowmanville’s Watson Farms hosted the final ‘Outstanding in Our Field – Fireside Chat’ dinner on November 24 and 25th. This culinary, agri-tourism experience was one of several in a series of ‘Outstanding In Our Field’ dining packages, which invited guests to dine on farm fresh creations prepared by Bowmanville’s Kings Court Catering.

When most people think of Watson Farms, they think of summer fresh juicy red strawberries or taking a good ole’ fashioned wagon ride through the field, under warm sunny skies. In the summer, it’s easy to understand how guests would enjoy their meal in the field, but in November that may be a different experience. Eager to find out, we headed to Watson’s and quickly understood, by the small crowd gathering, that we wouldn’t be needing the hats and gloves we brought. Instead, we were greeted with a warm hello by our host Kevin Anyan of KCC and served mint infused, spiced eggnog as well as a variety of delicious appetizers.

The setting for the dinner was a garage decorated with strings of bright glowing Christmas lights, tables strewn with crisp white linens, covered with beautiful rustic decorations, while white china sparkled under the lights. Each table was decorated with simple and festive centerpieces that reminded us that impressive decor doesn’t have to be fussy. Lanterns were carefully placed on solid chunks of freshly cut wood, while candles on white linen tablecloths added simple elegance. Once seated, we were able to enjoy the spirit of the looming holiday season, as we met fellow diners in casual conversation. We became an integral part of a family of ‘foodies,’ ready to take a bite of Chef Cathy Anyan’s take on holiday favourite dishes. As each item was served family-style, it was a great way to share our thoughts about each dish and marvel at how each ingredient was prepared.

Our host walked us through the farming and agricultural processes we take for granted. He talked about where fresh, farm grown produce is found on farms across Clarington, as well as the many processes of preparing the fields for winter and the bounty of next year’s crop.

After a delicious traditional turkey and lamb dinner, we were treated to a spectacular duo of desserts. Echoing the season, we sampled a beautiful sugarplum, custard tart that certainly reminded us of the dance of the Sugarplum fairies from the Nutcracker. The second dessert a gooey, sticky toffee pudding, delicious and filling. After the dessert and coffee, the culinary adventure continued outdoors with an unexpected choice of mulled cider or hot chocolate with your own customized toppings. Happy with just the right amount of whip cream and candy cane toppings, we joined our newly formed family at the campfire outside. As the evening came to an end, guests received Watson’s crisp apples and a freshly baked KCC smiling gingerbread man. The dinner was simply magical and allowed the diners to embrace the holiday season.

Watson Farms and King’s Court Catering are planning to offer more experiences for 2016. For more information about this culinary collaboration, please visit www.watsonfarms.ca or www.kccgourmetcatering.com

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