Best Places to Grab a Coffee in Clarington

Clarington has already seen the first snowflakes fall, as the weather cools, we are all looking for a warm cup of coffee or another specialty drink. Whether you want to warm up or cheer yourself up with a seasonal favourite, like peppermint hot cocoa, or even to taste a sweet treat.  There’s always a reason to visit your favourite local coffee shop.

Lucky for us, Clarington has coffee spots including larger chain owned or smaller privately owned cafes. Most of which offer a large menu of delicious treats and beverages, as well as a warm place to sit and enjoy a break from a busy schedule.

So if you’re looking for a great space to catch up with a friend, or even to just catch up on your reading, there are many different places to satisfy your java craving and to help chase away the winter blues.


For a few ideas, click here, or come visit us! Our office is located at 181 Liberty Street South in Bowmanville, open Monday to Saturday from 10AM-5PM.


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