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The Stone Coach House

8297 Liberty St. N. Bowmanville, Ont.

Phone: 905-263-8464

Photos and article by Nancy Ellis

What it’s like… Luxury at it’s best.

The Stone Coach House is located on a gorgeous green landscape that spans 45 acres. The stand-alone stone house is complete with a kitchen and bathroom and a great view. Two bedrooms are also available in the main house for more guests. This is a great location for anything from a girl’s weekend or weekend getaway, to cooking events and wildlife watching. The beautiful property has about 30 acres of forest, a large outdoor pool and trails for walking, running and more.

Co-owner Eva Sagur makes breakfasts for the lodgers. She provides choices for those who like a protein heavy breakfast or have a sweet tooth or require something in between. She will also confirm any dietary needs that are necessary. She makes breakfasts special with everything from crêpes and fruit to sausages, eggs and bacon. Dinner can also be provided upon request.

What makes this bed and breakfast so enchanting is the story behind it. Co-owner Harri Sagur, who is a retired architect built both houses and placed most of the stones himself. The stone house was originally built to be a workshop but was then converted into a place to stay and then into a bed and breakfast. The innovative design is fun and interesting. The stone house provides a calm atmosphere, a noticeable view and lovely surroundings, while the main house is warm and friendly.

Only five minutes from Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, The Stone Coach House is a great choice for people travelling out for a race, for those who just like to relax or need a weekend away.

Model “A” Acres

7090 Middle Rd. Bowmanville, Ont.

Phone: 905-263-4319

Photos and article by Nancy Ellis

What it’s like… One of a kind cool.

Model “A” Acres is a great place for airplane and vintage car enthusiasts or travellers who love a place with a story. Not only does this bed and breakfast have an interesting look to it, but it will also delight you with its innovative Ford Model “A” details and outdoor garage style. The house has three bedrooms, one loft style and two rooms with signature names like The Red Barron and The Model “A” Room. There’s room to roam in the backyard too or have a friendly fire in the old wood stove located in the gazebo, which looks complete with a model airplane on top. Visit the pond to see the restored U-boat and stroll the gardens.

Wake up to yummy food here. As co-owner of Model “A” Acres, Laverne Baron prepares homemade breakfasts for guests and uses vegetables fresh from her garden. She’ll make protein heavy breakfasts, egg specials or a lovely baked grapefruit Alaskan. She will also create light snacks and has beverages on hand for guests who arrive before or after a set time. Dinner and lunches can be cooked up for an additional cost.

Talk to Ian Baron and he’ll share his collection and story with you. Co-owner and collector himself, Ian designed the bed and breakfast with Model “A” parts and vintage flair. This is one place where people driving by always seem to stop and marvel.

This is a great place to have a fun weekend with friends, a stay over after watching a race at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park or for an anniversary getaway. Give a stay at this bed and breakfast as a gift for a family member or friend who’d love the fun atmosphere and unique sleeping quarters.

Susan’s Sanctuary

5016 Main St. Orono, Ont.

Phone: 905-983-9890

Photos and article by Nancy Ellis

What it’s like… Cottage warmth.

Susan’s Sanctuary is a great bed and breakfast to host a barbecue or fishing weekend with friends. This cozy place is filled with catchy horse decor, warm lights and a bright kitchen. With a barbecue outside and a patio set for outdoor summer feasts, this is a relaxing sanctuary. Owner Susan Aitken’s place is pet friendly and welcoming.

There are two bedrooms available, one with bunk beds and one with a queen size bed. In the kitchen you’ll find amenities to cook for yourself, brew up a coffee or tea and unwind. Continental breakfasts are included. Hot breakfasts are at an additional cost and will be cooked by Susan, who is a graduate from the George Brown College culinary program. Omelettes, eggs or otherwise the choice is yours. She can even barbecue food that you have bought locally, whether it’s fish, meat or vegetables.

The living room is decorated with cottage accents, a leather couch and fireplace. The cozy living room is a nice place to read a book or plan your next day’s events. The house can be booked for a whole weekend without host.

This is an opportune place to stay when visiting relatives who don’t have a lot of room for guests. If you’re travelling to a race or are in town for any type of festival stay here. Pedal out with friends on a cycling tour to the quaint village of Orono, venture on a fishing trip or visit the local parks and conservation areas.

The Hampton’s

219 Edward St. W. Newcastle, Ont.

Phone: 905-987-1005

Photos and article by Nancy Ellis

What it’s like… Relaxing elegance.

The Hampton’s bed and breakfast is nestled in the village of Newcastle, close to downtown shops and restaurants yet near to the Samuel Wilmot Nature Area. This is a great place for cyclists, nature lovers and travellers. Inside it’s decorated with artistic décor and natural earthy colours. A queen size bed is available with a private bathroom for guests. With a modern brick exterior and relaxing backyard this place is a little known spot of oasis.

For breakfast enjoy apple cheese popovers with apple syrup or an asparagus, mushroom and Gruyère cheese omelette or try another selection. Meals are cooked with local ingredients and are sure to delight. Whether you plan to stay for two nights or seven, the hosts will ensure you can enjoy a different meal every morning.

Sit outside and see the pond of Japanese Koi fish, some more than 15 years old – or talk gardening with co-owner Pat Thexton, who is a member of Clarington’s horticultural society. View the luscious garden with flowers, plants, herbs and metal garden accents welded by Pat herself. A prized golden chain tree takes centre stage when in bloom.

Want to chat about antiques? Ask co-owner Barry Carmichael, he’s a certified antique appraiser. Popular hot spots have been made into tour packages. If you’re interested ask about the cycling the waterfront or antiquing trail at The Hampton’s.

This a great option for visitors on a cycling adventure, hiking, fishing or enjoying a day on Lake Ontario. This is an ideal location for commuters; just two minutes from highway 401 and near to the Port of Newcastle Marina. If you’re having extra guests or need somewhere to stay after a wedding, this is lovely place to book a reservation.  Share an experience of great hospitality and friendly guest service.


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