Picnicking in Orono

Story and photos by Clarington Tourism

Imagine yourself on a long, leisure drive (or pedal!) through the beautiful countryside of Clarington.

You’ve been driving for the majority of the morning, and lunchtime is quickly approaching. Your passengers are starting to get hungry, so you decide to take a little side street to what can only be described as the perfect picnic spot: Orono Park. Or, as it is known to the more established locals, Buttercup Hollow.

Orono park 3

A perfect park located within the village of Orono, it is nestled around a beautiful tree line, a serene stream complete with a bridge, picnic areas, and several more modern utilities, such as a play structure, splash pad, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, skateboarding park, and of course, Clarington’s only outdoor public pool.

Orono park 1

The rich history of this park can be taken as far back as 90 years, and has been considered a gem as well as the heart of Orono. Many locals find solace here, and it is quite easy to see why. It is perfect in every way a park should be. For more on the history of Orono’s Crown Lands, click here.

But our adventure does not stop there, because Orono has a lot to offer its residents and visitors. Home to the Stanley Cup Champion, Bryan Bickell, its quaint downtown area is home to an assortment of different stores and shops, including ones specializing in flowers, delicious baked goods, cafe’s, lots of antiques, health and wellness, professional services, and more. A complete list and more information on each one can be found here: www.visitorono.com.Downtown Orono 1

Depending on the time of year, Orono also runs many different types of events, from the annual Orono Fair, to the Orono Chili Cook-off, Santa Clause parade and breakfast, and even “Girls Night Out”. Among many others, this tightly knit community is proud, and with great reason, of this little village.

Any summer afternoon could be well spent here, as there is always something to do, and always interesting places to see. Whether you pack your picnic, take out lunch in one of the restaurants, or even treat yourself to a delicious apple fritter from The Village Bake Shop, it is guaranteed to be a day well spent.

Orono park 6




Nothing to Wine About

Story and photo by Nancy Ellis

For all the times I have felt out of place, this could be counted as one of them – that is until I was met with more smiles than I knew what to do with. I was in attendance at the Orono Fundraiser, the Wine and Cheese event to benefit Orono Park, approaching its 90th birthday this summer. Intrigued by what I thought would be a great place to report I soon found that this was not the time nor place. With about five other camera-sporting people there that evening, I chose not to interrupt. I thought…these people are really enjoying their evenings. They were happy clinking glasses, looking around towards other people they knew. The atmosphere spoke for itself.

A selection of popular wines and ciders from Archibald's Estate Winery/ Photo by Nancy Ellis

A selection of popular wines and cider from Archibald’s Estate Winery/ Nancy Ellis

It was great to see the giving people that have lived nearby and throughout the Clarington community. I met bed and breakfast owners, store owners, farmers and more, and every one of them seemed proud to be there. The night included wine from Archibald’s Estate Winery, cheese from Algoma Orchards and much more. Tyrone Mills brought samples of their hearty soup mixes, Kendal Vale Farm was there with their cheeses and Norma’s Edible Flowers & Herbs too. Clarington councillors were also out on Friday to support the preservation effort of one of Orono’s oldest treasures. Pam Lancaster representing the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority spoke about what they are doing to support the Orono Park, ensuring it will be around for others to enjoy. There were easily 100 people or more gathered in the Orono Town Hall sharing memories and surmising about the future. The night was a great way to welcome the 90th birthday year of the Orono Park.

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